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  • How to find the place of origin for your last name?
  • Names of towns in Slovak and Hungarian
  • Most used last names in Slovakia
  • Where to find Slovak registry offices?
  • Census 1828: Cities and towns in Hungary
  • 10 useful tools for finding people online
  • Records, Urbars and Population Censuses as Genealogy tool
  • List of taxpayers in 1715
  • How to find lost relatives


This organization was established in 1991 in Martin, Slovakia to support all those interested in genealogy, heraldry and other related disciplines with particular relation to Slovakia.

List of genealogical websites

Internet sources of genealogical research. The complete list of sites you will need to use for successful research.


Searching for a coat of arms of a legal person or natural person in the Heraldic Register of the Slovak Republic enables setting the criteria by which the selection will be made from Heraldic Register of the Slovak Republic.

Maps of Hungary

Why maps of Hungary?

Slovakia, known by its historical name as Upper Hungary, was the part of the Hungarian Kingdom for more than one thousand years. Its capital, Bratislava or Pressburg or Pozsony, became for 250 years the capital of the Hungarian Kingdom. The Slovaks and their predecessors, together with the Magyars, Germans, Croats and other nationalities did create side by side the statehood of St. Stephen, the first king of the Hungarian Kingdom. Without Upper Hungary or Slovakia, the historical success of the Kingdom would never exist. Only 19th-century nationalism of Magyars, Slovaks, Romanians, Croats did bring the death of the Kingdom. Now, it is history but is our history, all of us. I hope these maps will be not the source of further quarrels, but the source of learning and understanding our peaceful and friendly future, the future of Central Europe within the European Union.

Tips for making a family tree

Tips for those who want to develop a pedigree for themselves