Electronic Courses Creation

Our key activities include the development of electronic course platforms, or learning management systems (LMS). Students have the opportunity to study using two specific platforms:

Online courses

Courses are built on the core of the popular open-source Moodle platform, so they can be technologically compatible and as accessible as possible. The environment of the Moodle platform is tailored to be user-friendly. We believe that online instruction should take the form of games.

We already have deployed an extensive electronic textbook for learning the Slovak language at the most basic level (A0). We also are working to provide language instruction at more advanced levels. Our lectures have been created to correspond to the widely used European language levels and Self Assessment Grid.

Mobile learning

In addition to traditional online courses, which students can access through desktop or laptop computers, we provide the option of mobile learning on smartphones and tablets using the KnowledgePulse platform.

Mobile courses serve as a complement to traditional online courses, are closely connected with them and carefully integrated into the overall learning environment. Students have the opportunity to study using both platforms. Mobile learning is oriented toward progressive methods such as micro-learning, which allows students to improve their language skills in small increments throughout the day. Students not only receive the content, but also create it.

We believe that language must be learned continuously. In the development of mobile courses, we cooperated with Salzburg-based Research Studios Austria, the market leader for innovative solutions in the field of science and education. The company is the developer of the popular KnowledgePulse platform and a pioneer in micro-learning.