Needs research

The Demand for Slovak Language Learning

The Slovak Language Center has researched the needs of our Slovak compatriots abroad and the demand for Slovak language instruction. The center’s research began in the summer of 2013, and since then we have collected valuable data and information.

We explored the position of the Slovak language in different places around the world. We asked how Slovak expatriates view the demand for Slovak language instruction, and we inquired about their specific needs, so we can adapt our methodology to their requirements. Our online questionnaire had two components:

An institutional needs survey centered on the needs of expatriate research institutions. It focused on various formal associations, religious institutions, folklore groups, commercial organizations and cultural institutions that come into contact with the Slovak expatriate community.

An individual needs survey focused on the needs of individuals — compatriots. Here we gathered information about our respondents’ familiarity with the Slovak language and how their understanding of written and spoken Slovak words differs.