Skyline of Bratislava.

A teacher affects eternity;

he can never tell where his influence stops.

– Henry Adams

About the project

The Slovak Language Center in the USA  is the common project of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, Faculty of Arts and California University of Pennsylvania, located in California, Pennsylvania, USA, near the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

Our goal is to serve as a point of contact for people in the USA who are interested in the Slovak language, the Slovak culture, and life in Slovakia.   The Slovak Language Center activities currently include developing courses to teach the Slovak language and other initiatives to gain insight into Slovak history and culture.


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“Good Idea Slovakia”

10. 04. 2017

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs granted a license to use:

  1. a) the trademark Slovakia,
  2. b) slogans related to the trademark...

New portal launched My Slovak

15. 12. 2016

The Slovak Language Center launched its e-learning course as an open test run on the Moodle platform. This online course of the...